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Act 2 Othello

Josie and Piper Act 2 S/R #3
The Book Othello written by William Shakespeare is a dramatic love story that use revenge, betrayal, and jealousy in Act 2.  Act 2 tells us about Iago’s plan to get Cassio, a valiant lieutenant of Othello’s, off Othello’s service and then plead to Desdemona's wife to make it look as though Cassio is Desdemona's lover. His plan betrays Cassio, makes Othello jealous, and him receiving revenge upon the happy couple with Roderigo.

Topic Sentence: Act 2 of Othello by William Shakespeare communicates a strong theme of the influence of love and the hold it has on one's decisions. Shakespeare correctly portrays this theme because of the way he uses love as a tool of manipulation and the choices the characters make that are influenced by love.
Claim: As Othello unfolds to the audience, one would easily notice that the power of love is an extremely important element of the story. Shakespeare not only uses love to demonstrate a romantic and affectionate play, but he uses this theme as a tool of manipulation and betrayal for his characters, leading them to do acts that would be otherwise out of the question.
Evidence: An example of love being used to influence decisions is when Iago is talking to heartbroken Roderigo. Iago says, “... I must tell thee this: Desdemona is directly in love with him [Cassio]” (Shakespeare, 2.1. 235-240). Iago tells Roderigo this to make him mad at Cassio. Iago knows that Roderigo  is so in love with Desdemona, he will do anything to get to her, even if that means to make foolish and clouded decisions.
Counterclaim: However, one may think that love is powerful enough to make your decisions and mindset even more clear.
Set Up: Throughout Othello, Desdemona and Othello’s relationship is a constant reminder of strong and pure love. Against all of those opposing their love (Roderigo, Brabantio, Iago) they don’t let others influence their decisions to love each other.
Evidence: When Othello enters the room he and Desdemona speak of their love for eachother yet again, “The heavens forbid But that of our loves and comforts should increase Even as our days do grow” (Shakespeare, 2.1. 210-215). In this quote Desdemona exclaims how her love for Othello grows day by day, and although many oppose it, her mind is clear on who she loves.
Rebuttal: A very common view is that the power of love sharpens your mind and makes you appreciate the importance of emotion. We can not deny that in its purest form, love is a beautiful thing that should be cherished and welcomed in life. This interpretation is helpful but unfortunately the love portrayed in Othello is much more complicated than that point. William Shakespeare’s Othello uses love as a manipulative tool and can make people do things that are against pedestrian customs.

Conclusion: In Act 2 of Othello by William Shakespeare, love is a theme that can not be missed. Shakespeare recounts the influence of love and power it has over decisions and lives. Love can change one’s thoughts and affect the actions of a person and Shakespeare demonstrates this very well in Othello.

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    Need to compose a correct response topic sentence that is one sentence: title, author, position main idea and a why. Not sure why you are doing what you are doing. Good job with your claim and counterclaim- spend a bit more time setting up the situation of the quote. Spend more time on the rebuttal. Make sure that your concluding sentence is one sentence.

    I really need you two to come in so we can get these pieces figured out.