Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summary/Response Bully

Summary: The film Bully directed by Lee Hirsch is an inspirational movie to provide awareness to the issue of bullying. Hirsch shadows many bullied victims to give the viewer a walk in the shoes children and teens who are bullied every day varying from the cellphone to the school bus. The movie compares a handful of bully victims out of many to prove how bullying can lead to many harmful acts on oneself and on the peers around them. Clearly, Hirsch acknowledges and illustrates how bullying can affect one's life and destroy relationships with friends, family, and even strangers.

The film Bully directed by Lee Hirsch correctly portrays how bullying can rule our choices/ lives and affect our relationships with those most closest to us because it can break our emotions into not feeling anything at all anymore and leave us feeling unwanted and hating ourselves. In the movie Bully, the director showed us the life of the victims of bullying. We follow all different types of teenagers in all different types of towns being picked on for what they look like, who they love, and where they come from. “People call me fish face and punch me, choke me, and hit me on the bus. They have pushed me so far where I don’t think I feel anything anymore.” (Alex Libby, Hirsch). Hirsch proves that Alex’s emotions have broken and that because his emotions have been broken he does not feel anything anymore. He doesn’t ever feel happy or excited. He doesn’t feel anger or the want to fight back against the bullies. They have affected him so much that he can’t even stand up for himself anymore. However, Hirsch does compare many other different types of people being bullied and they have different reactions to the bullies. A young teenage girl named Kelby announced that she was lesbian in a small Christian town. She grew up knowing that loving the same gender is a sin and because of that she started to get bullied from people believing she was doing the wrong thing. “Even though they pick on me, they separate me from the rest of the kids, and they are ashamed of me, I know that I am still loved by my family and my 4’10 girlfriend.” (Kelby Johnson, Hirsch). Hirsch proves by Kelby’s story that even if you get bullied you still feel something. In this case Kelby still feels love for her girlfriend and finds happiness with her friends. Even in situations of bullying, victims can still return from the dark and empty place and fight to find happiness in life. Hirsch shows that when under the influence of our peers’ words, comments, and others opinions can influence and push us to do unthinkable actions. Victims of bullying are not only emotionally damaged but can harm themselves and others physically. In circumstances of severe bullying children and teens have been driven to a point where even death sounds better than facing the harmful comments and rejection of their peers. “I’ve cut, and even tried to commit suicide three times.” (Kelby Johnson, Hirsch) Often in cases of bullying we hear the encouraging phrase, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. In reality words can hurt more than physical abuse. Lee Hirsch tells the audience that the words of fellow students can push people to do acts that are otherwise unimaginable. However, even in cases of severe bullying people have found ways to stay strong. In many stories of bullied children, you hear about sadness, hopelessness and even death. Look closer and you can find situations where victims of bullying have made themselves even stronger than before. They have taken bullying as a blessing in disguise and made themselves the better person through hard work and positivity. “Sometimes sweetness and love is all you need.” (Alex, Hirsch). Alex, who was targeted for both verbal and physical abuse found love and hope in his family. Even when he thought he couldn’t feel anything anymore, he remained positive and seeked support though his family. In conclusion, Hirsch is showing us through film that bullying breaks people down after they have built themselves up and leads people to think differently about themselves.Through this film Hirsch encourages us to stand up to the bullies and show them that we matter.

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